What does a façade engineer do?

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January 20, 2021
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What does a façade engineer do?

Engineering at facade and envelope

As our name suggests, Façade+Envelope focuses on the engineering of commercial and residential building facades and envelopes. Unless you are an architect or engineer, that might not mean much to you, so let’s take a look at what a façade engineer does.

A good building façade increases the building’s aesthetic value, reduces its energy consumption, improves natural lighting, and offers optimal airflow. The best building façades are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A well-engineered façade for a sustainable building will bring energy costs down while increasing the lifespan of the building. Sustainability is a key issue in today’s construction industry.

According to the Society of Facade Engineering, façade engineers concern themselves with everything to do with a building’s external envelope above ground level. At Façade+Envelope we extend that scope to include every part of the building skin, from below the ground level to the roof of the building.

Façade engineers work on existing and new buildings. Façade engineers also can be involved in forensics or diagnostic investigations, as well as proposing remedial work for deficient or failed components. Some façade engineers work in research and testing.

Building envelopes can be very difficult to predict, so façade engineers monitor everything from design to installation. The success of a building project relies on the façade behaving the way it is supposed to.

The façade engineer also considers natural and artificial lighting, noise levels and the external environment to make sure that the building’s occupants have a comfortable space in which to live or work.

Incorporate all of that with ensuring that the building blends in with its surroundings, and you can see why façade engineering is so challenging. This is also why the job of façade engineer is one of the most important in the modern building industry today.

Façade+Envelope employs educated and experienced façade engineers to ensure the safety, budget, sustainability, and aesthetics of every project.

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