Glazing Consulting of Calculation Packages

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November 10, 2020
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Glazing Consulting of Calculation Packages

Structural glazing is the use of glass as a main component to the building’s walls (or roofs). It is what comes to mind when thinking of a penthouse office or apartment with a view. The glass panels typically are bonded to metal framing designed in a way that allows for eye-catching installations across the façade.

Our team at Façade+Envelope helps simplify the selection of Glass and Glazing components for our Clients. We evaluate the pros and cons of the façade options available considering the following requirements:

      • Aesthetics
      • Available Budgets
      • Structural Performance
      • Moisture Management
      • Thermal
      • Building Code Compliance

We realize cladding technology is always changing with the development of new materials and systems. Keeping up with those changes requires constant training and research.

The extensive experience found in the Façade+Envelope team allows us to prepare calculation packages for glazing systems including curtainwalls, all-glass facades, point supported glazing systems and single-span, ultra-tall storefront systems. These packages consist of calculations for the building façades and cladding that can only be completed using specialized software and engineering analyses unique to this industry.

Our engineers and consultants apply our expertise to review and critique project construction drawings and specifications, so our clients can rest easy knowing their building is in good hands.

Peer review of engineering calculations prepared by third party engineers is a useful tool to ensure compliance with Building Codes preserving life, safety, and protection of property. The revision of architect’s project documents paired with our knowledge of individual State and local Building Codes ensures that submittals are properly completed.

It is typical for consultants to review plans for glazing systems including windows, doors, canopies, and railings. However, did you know that our consulting services also cover specialty steel and aluminum structures that can support glazing systems?

Our professionals at Façade+Envelope specialize in these areas and provide clients with the necessary expertise to meet project requirements and performance every time.

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