Retrofit Existing Systems of Commercial Buildings

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August 27, 2020
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Retrofit Existing Systems of Commercial Buildings

Retrofit Existing Systems


Retrofitting a commercial building is often a more economical option than designing and constructing a new building. The modifications from retrofitting brings the older building up to current standards and often upgrades a building’s visual aesthetics, structural and energy performance.

While conserving energy is one benefit to retrofitting an existing building, it is not the sole purpose. The initial reason of retrofitting should be to create a better performing building through strategies selected and implemented by the Owner, Architect, Engineers and Contractors. Façade+Envelope can help engineer and design repairs and replacements of components to meet budgets and aesthetic requirements while breathing newness into an older building. By creating a design that meets multiple design objectives, the building will appreciate in value, and become more cost effective and reliable. 

Not only can retrofitting help reduce the operational costs of an older building, but it can also attract more people with the newer aesthetics of the building.Some buildings in need of retrofitting are historic. These projects take special attention to preserve the building’s history and integrity while bringing them to current standards.

How do you classify a failing building?

Façade+Envelope helps test the makeup of your existing building and assess the performance of the as built components. We consider if the building is structurally sound, has hazardous material that needs to be contained or removed, or needs upgrades to meet local Building Code requirements. 

What does it take to bring a failing building up to current standards?

The Building Envelope typically has the most effects on a building’s lifespan. The envelope’s failure to protect from the elements directly affects structural components, aesthetics, interior finishes, and user comfort. Façade+Envelope evaluates the performance of Building Envelope components on existing buildings to identify sources of reported failures. We follow the latest industry standards as published by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Our assessments include visual or destructive analysis, in-situ testing, review of available documents and interviews with knowledgeable personnel. A thorough analysis allows for the development of the most effective solutions for repair or replacement of failing components. The result is a retrofitted building that can benefit communities possibly long past its initial service life.

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