Consulting 101: We Communicate with Your Architects & Developers Every Step of the Way

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Consulting 101: We Communicate with Your Architects & Developers Every Step of the Way

When constructing a building, the professions of architects and engineers are integral to the design of the structure. Although they may overlap, the responsibilities of each vary dramatically. Architects are concerned with making buildings aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously functional regarding form and space. An engineer makes sure that the architect’s design is Code compliant and safe applying approved scientific principles.

The Façade + Envelope Team has experience with hundreds of projects, allowing us to develop the most efficient and up-to-date designs that will remain in your building and stand the test of time. Our staff meets with the developer and the architect on every project to ensure that we fully understand the project’s design intent and available budgets. Façade + Envelope communicates with the structure’s architect to understand the building envelope requirements and assist in the selection of the necessary building envelope components. Our experts take the time to review the drawings and specifications for your project and concern ourselves with the math and science it will take to design beautiful and awe-inspiring buildings. 

During the design phase, we evaluate architectural and structural drawings to provide recommendations for the building envelope systems and associated components, and how these affect the rest of the structure. We comment on transition details, surfaces able to receive waterproofing materials, protection of building envelope areas, compliance with Building Codes, and anything else vital to the success of the project. Compliance with Building Codes is essential to all the services we provide and is always considered when reviewing project documents. The priority to uphold the regulations to promote safety and protect your property is at the top of our checklist.

Bringing a commercial building to life takes a skilled team with a variety of backgrounds, each bringing something different, but very necessary, to the table. While we are mostly a team of engineers, we make it a priority to consult with architects, developers, and many others to ensure that Building Codes are followed and everything happening within the building project is of the highest quality. At the beginning of construction and prior to completion, we also run a variety of state-of-the-art field tests, allowing us to find any performance issues and solve them as efficiently as possible.

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