Consult with Facade Envelope to Protect Your Building from Hurricane Damage

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August 25, 2021
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January 12, 2022
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Consult with Facade Envelope to Protect Your Building from Hurricane Damage

South Florida is hit by an average of one to two hurricanes per year. Even though there’s usually some notice when these storms are headed our way, it is best to stay prepared and have the necessary resources on-hand just in case. One of the most important ways to prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms is by ensuring that your property is designed for hurricane resistance to minimize damage and maximize safety. Engineering and architecture in South Florida and other hurricane-prone areas have continuously evolved over time so that property owners can protect themselves, their employees, their customers, and their businesses. 

Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)

If you live in Miami/Dade or Broward, your building is located in an area classified as a High Velocity Hurricane Zone, or HVHZ. South Florida has the most stringent hurricane codes in place to ensure protection year-round. If you live in a hurricane prone region with design windspeeds greater than 140 mph (most coastal counties south of Orange County) you live in an area classified as a Wind-Borne Debris Region. The HVHZ standards will meet or exceed the opening protection requirements in your region. 

Whether your property is a residential high-rise, hospital, hotel, or a retail/shopping center, it is important to follow these guidelines to keep buildings standing tall. Building Envelope Consulting and Forensic testing can significantly decrease risk, prevent structural damages and keep locals safe. Our forensic testing includes resistance to air and water infiltration, as well as wind load requirements.

Façade Envelope believes a full assessment of projects for compliance with building codes, construction standards and general inspections is imperative to ensure acceptable building conditions. We provide design specifications and inspections of building envelope components, and design of exterior building envelope systems including roofing, waterproofing, windows, wall cladding, and more.

Get the Experts to Help!

As mentioned in our Engineering Services page, we prepare testing protocols that meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Allow us to consult with your developer and architect in order to learn more about their building options. Façade Envelope comes alongside Project Managers to assess projects throughout their construction for compliance with building codes and to ensure that products meet performance requirements. We strongly believe that success is achieved through the open communication between the engineer and client. Get ahead of the next hurricane, flood or tropical storm by scheduling a consultation for your building today.

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