What is Moisture Management and Why is it Important?

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June 22, 2016
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What is Moisture Management and Why is it Important?

Moisture Management

The construction and maintenance of any structure involves many independent, but essential, tasks. One of the most important ones, particularly in South Florida, is moisture management. South Florida climate makes the effect of rain, humidity, and flooding a very real threat to the structures in the area. Moisture consultants can help your building remain water-tight and moisture free. This can help prevent costly damage and repairs in the future and can keep your building structurally-sound and damage-free.

Moisture management services can help identify water leakage or potential water leakage that may be hidden in different components of the building. These may or may not be obvious or visible. In fact, visible signs of damage including stains, mold, warping, or degradation of surface material may indicate long-term leakage. But before these signs become evident, hidden water damage may be crippling the infrastructure of your building. This may weaken your structure and make it more susceptible to catastrophic damage from heavy rains or flooding.

Moisture management consultants can help prevent these costly problems

They can provide a variety of services to assess your building’s capacity to keep out moisture:

Still Flood Testing

This method is used to check for any issues in the joints and seals where walls, windows, and doors join one another. Improper sealing in these areas is one of the most common culprits in interior moisture leakage. This procedure includes damming the sills in order to keep water out of the holes in the structure.

Nozzle Testing

Nozzle testing helps identify weaknesses in the sealants and joints of frames. A special nozzle is used to spray the frame and any joints in the glass for 5 minutes. The inside is monitored to ensure that there is no interior leakage from the spray. If a leakage is found, the area is allowed to dry before it is resealed and retested.

Differential Pressure Testing

Another test to ensure moisture management is differential pressure testing. This is a more thorough test that requires specialized equipment. This method tests for areas of weakness by using air to measure pressure change between the interior and a sealed test chamber that acts as a reference.

Moisture management experts can prepare a management plan in order to determine the best course of action to correct any moisture leaks inside the building. With specialized technology like infrared cameras, they can scan the target areas of moisture buildup to determine if they are dry. They will create a plan for removal of moisture or water leakage in the event that they are present. They will also check plumbing and mechanical systems in the walls to ensure that they are dry.

These comprehensive moisture management services can ensure that your building remains air-tight and leak-free for a fraction of the cost of renovation and repair after major water damage.

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